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Mazzei Training Philosophy

Teaching Advanced Flying Techniques at All Levels Makes a Better Pilot
By Jim Brannan, MFS Chief Instructor

Since 1969, I have had a keen interest in teaching pilots to fly. During those early years, I found myself often in disagreement with the conventional wisdom of the day. At that time, it was commonly thought that flying was difficult and only suited for those with the “right stuff”. To the contrary, my experience taught me that flying was actually very easy. It was poor instruction that made flying difficult. In fact, many pilots in those years learned to fly in spite of their instructors. So, ignoring the popular flying books of the day and considering the advice and recommendations of several seasoned professional pilots, I began developing a teaching philosophy that has served our school and me well to this day. Simply put, at Mazzei Flying Service we teach our students to fly. They are not taught to fly Cessna 152s, Piper Tomahawks, R22s or any other type of aircraft, but rather to fly airplanes and helicopters. The operative test for the right flight training technique or procedure in our school has been: "Does it work in any airplane or helicopter, and will it work well in all situations?”

I believe the litmus test for the best piloting technique or procedure is the easy transference from one aircraft to another and the suitability for any situation or condition normally encountered. For example, a pilot learning to fly in a Cessna 152 using techniques and procedures that are only applicable to that aircraft will often find it very difficult to upgrade to a larger or higher performance aircraft. This is a frustrating experience and an inefficient way to learn. Most professional pilots will agree, whether flying a Piper Tomahawk or a Boeing 747, an airplane is an airplane is an airplane. They all fly the same. It makes no sense to teach otherwise.

Flight training is a big investment. At Mazzei Flying Service we take our responsibility to our customers very seriously and are committed to helping you make the most of your investment. We believe in truth in advertising and investing in our students. We believe happy satisfied customers are those that leave a school feeling they received much more than they bargained for or expected. In our school, we are committed to excellence, quality, and safety in flight training. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our reputation and the personal attention we give each individual student. Our commitment to quality is evident in our staff and our investment in modern facilities and equipment. Our commitment to safety is evident in our student and instructor supervision, our aircraft maintenance, and our excellent safety record

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