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Payments and Refunds


In accordance with Section 94874 of the Education Code, Mazzei Flying Service does not require prepayment of instruction related costs.

Flight training may be paid in advance or as training is received. Students that elect to pay for flight training in advance are eligible for our Course Price Guarantee and our Student Housing program. Phone or write us to find out more about our advance payment plan.

We can accept your personal check (if drawn on a U.S. Bank), traveler's checks or a bank transfer wired directly to our bank account. For wire instructions, please contact Mazzei Flying Service at (559) 251-7501 or


Students may cancel their enrollment any time prior to school arrival without penalty or obligation and receive a refund of their enrollment deposit less any and all costs incurred by the school.

Within 3 days after the commencement of training, students may cancel their enrollment and receive a refund of all money paid, less an administrative fee of $150.00. The net amount owing will be immediately refunded to student.

After 3 days from the commencement of training, Student will receive a refund less a housing/administrative fee. The amount of course refund is determined by multiplying the unused flight and ground training hours in the course by the posted hourly rates. Housing fees, health and accident insurance, the cost of books and supplies received, and other non-instructional fees for services received are nonrefundable.

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